Investment and Technology Combined: Empowering Startups in the UK and Europe.

What Sets Us Apart as Angel Investors

We underwrite 50% of your technology spend.

Our Model

With our extensive experience in the industry, RSVR becomes your trusted partner for your technology and digital marketing needs. We seamlessly integrate ourselves into your team, providing long-term support and taking ownership of your technology requirements. Additionally, as angel investors, we offer the advantage of covering 50% of your technology expenses, allowing you to allocate resources strategically and focus on scaling your business effectively.

Our knowledge and experience

From global-scale projects to agile startups, our teams have successfully navigated diverse landscapes. We combine the understanding of corporate processes with the flexibility of startups. Our approach is practical and iterative, focused on delivering the perfect product rather than following trends or buzzwords.

Angel Investors with Tailored Solutions

As your Angel Investors, we are committed to your long-term success. At RSVR, we tailor our approach to each startup, ensuring the best chance for success. We focus on delivering domain-oriented, technology-driven, and client-centric solutions that meet your demanding needs with the highest quality and clarity.

Our Team

RSVR boasts a skilled team across various technologies, including Android, iOS, React, Vue.js, Laravel, and ML(AI), React, next, Dotnet, Nodejs, Laravel, WordPress and Shopify. We also offer fractional CTO services. In addition to our technical prowess, we offer comprehensive digital marketing services. Our experienced and driven team is committed to delivering outstanding results, ensuring we create the best possible product for our clients.

Angel Investors with Expertise Across Industries

With over 30 years of IT and Fin-Tech experience from one of our founders, we excel in the Healthcare and Finance domains. However, our support extends beyond these sectors. We have successfully partnered with startups in various domains, including e-commerce, carbon tracking, perfumery, and more. Our diverse experience enables us to provide tailored solutions for your specific industry needs.If you would like to explore how our Angel Investors can support your startup, book a call with us using the “Book a Call” option.

Our Services

We prioritise your confidentiality and sign NDAs to protect your identity. Rest assured, the products we develop belong to you, and we ensure proper safeguards and IP agreements for your information and intellectual property rights .If you would like to explore how we can support your startup, book a call with us using the “Book a Call” option.

Powering Startups with
Investment and Technology.

Crafting Innovative Technology Architecture

RSVR’s experienced architects span multiple domains and technologies, delivering bespoke tech solutions with meticulous attention to detail and a drive for innovation. Partner with us for exceptional results you can rely on.

Tailored SEO Strategy

Our experienced SEO digital marketing team crafts personalised plans to boost your website’s rankings on Google. At RSVR, we don’t just advise on growth; we innovate, making us your one-stop shop for all your technology needs.

Bespoke Web Development

RSVR provides custom web development solutions using React, WordPress, and VueJs. We ensure a seamless experience, whether starting from scratch or taking over from your previous partners.

Uncompromising Quality Assurance

Our meticulous testing process ensures that every product we deliver meets the highest quality standards, giving you confidence in the reliability and performance of our solutions.

App Development

Unleash your app’s potential with our extensive Android and iOS expertise. We specialize in diverse industries like ethical marketplaces, carbon tracking, and perfumery. From tailored solutions to future-driven guidance, we ensure exceptional results.

Harnessing Machine Learning Expertise

RSVR partners with machine learning experts to implement advanced models, unlocking new frontiers for startups. Trust us for exceptional results and transformative outcomes in machine learning.

Collaborating with RSVR

Our collaboration process with startups is designed to be seamless and effective,
ensuring we work together towards your success. Here’s how we collaborate:


By focusing on these vital aspects, we create solutions tailored to your target audience’s needs, ensuring user-centricity from the start.


Our iterative and agile development process ensures a successful build, starting with an MVP and continuously improving until the full product release.


Feature delivery: We work closely with you to prioritize and deliver new features that enhance your product or service.

Empowering Our
Portfolio Partners

As angel investors,we are committed to supporting your business in every way possible – from building and funding to scaling. With our extensive expertise and additional resources, we bring a comprehensive solution to the table.


The challenge for us isn’t writing code, it’s knowing what code to write, for whom, and when. We underpin product builds with the following:


With a robust understanding of your target market, buyer personas and commercial focus, we can now layer in product design considerations:

Approach for
Technology Products

Our approach to designing, developing, and expanding technology products is simple and adaptable. No matter your current stage, we’re here to offer support.

Schedule a Call

Connect with our team to discover our approach and discuss your goals. We’ll provide insights into our process and understand your objectives.

Unlock Growth Opportunities

Arrange a call with us to unlock a world of growth possibilities. During the call, we’ll delve into your unique requirements, allowing us to identify tailored solutions for your business. By understanding your needs upfront, we can provide targeted support from the very beginning, maximising the potential for success.

Start Your Journey

We discuss the initial project, commercial terms, equity stake, and establish our collaborative approach. Get ready for an exciting adventure ahead.


Innovation through Technology

As angel investors, we carefully select ventures to invest in and collaborate with to create transformative technology solutions. We leverage our expertise to bring innovation to life and meet the evolving demands of the market.

Innovative Tech

At RSVR, we’re driven by a passion for cutting-edge technology. We specialise in developing custom solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Tailored Front-End Solutions.

At RSVR, our skilled frontend development team creates captivating websites and web applications. With expertise in JavaScript, React, React Native, and Next.js, we tailor our solutions to your venture’s unique needs, no matter where you are in the development process.

Backend Expertise.

At RSVR, our experienced team specialises in backend development, handling database solutions, server configurations, and ensuring flexibility for web and mobile applications. We tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs, supporting innovation every step of the way. Whether building from scratch or seamlessly taking over from previous partners, we’ve got you covered.

iOS Excellence.

Leverage our expertise in iOS development to create cutting-edge solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you’re embarking on a new project or seeking a smooth transition from previous partners, our skilled developers excel at delivering top-notch iOS applications. We also provide ongoing support and guidance to fuel your future development endeavours, ensuring your app stays ahead of the curve.

Innovative Android Development Solutions

Unlock your business potential with our expert Android app development services. Our talented developers excel in creating bespoke solutions that drive innovation and meet your unique requirements. Whether you’re starting a new chapter or seamlessly transitioning from prior collaborations, we deliver exceptional app development, empowering your business for continuous growth in the dynamic world of technology.

Market Expertise
& Diversified Investments.

Unlocking growth potential through diverse investments and extensive expertise across domains.


Your dreams, our innovation. A perfect match.